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Childcare Centre

A day in Little Discoverers ...

Our Under 2’s room is spacious and by Ofsted standards can accommodate twelve babies. The babies are encouraged to develop their first skills, touching, smiling, sitting, grasping, crawling, walking, and talking.  A wide range of stimulating equipment such as mobiles, pop-up toys, mirrors, musical instruments, building blocks, puzzles and picture books are provided.  We also have a range of sensory equipment, treasure basket, soft play and physical equipment.

Little Discoverers work on the different interests of individual children and  activities are then organised for the children to participate in ranging from sand play to drawing to spaghetti play or playdough etc. Throughout these activities and playing with a selection of different toys all areas of learning and development are promoted.

After extensive play we have two warm and comfortable cot rooms for tired and sleepy babies to replenish their energy.  They are also able to sleep in the main room and we will of course try to follow any routines already established at home.  Sleeping babies are monitored regularly.

Mealtimes are also a very exciting time within Little Discoverers and the children enjoy sitting together to have their meal. We offer a range of different freshly cooked dinners and follow guidance from parents with regards to eating patterns etc. Depending on the babies age we can support with weaning; baby led weaning is encouraged and we can serve food to match the needs of individuals, please see more info tab for our main menu.

With our babies who have milk during their time within the childcare provision parents can either bring in sterilized bottles and portion pots of formula, or supply the childcare provision with formula milk and childcare staff will make up feeds as required. Parents who are breast feeding can discuss their requirements with the staff on their initial visit. Please note nappies and wet wipes will need to be provided by you.