A Day in Little Pioneers & Adventurers ...

Little Adventurers and Little Pioneers are our Term Time only groups that take place on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. Children that are aged 2 & 3 years will attend Pioneers and children that are aged 3 years and above attend Adventurers. The groups are a fun filled and provide children with an environment to learn during play and engagement with their peers and carers. 

All activities set up within Adventurers and Pioneers are based around the children’s interests and the areas of learning and development that support individual children to progress at their own level.

Independence is supported throughout the session so that the children are ready to progress to school. Children get to choose activities throughout their time with a wide selection of toys and activities to take part in, such as painting, water play, building blocks, puzzles, singing, computer activities, drawing, role play and many more. During circle time children are encouraged to take part in a range of activities from singing songs, stories, letter and sounds, talking about their families and interests etc.

Mark making materials are available throughout the sessions so that children can freely experiment with making marks and giving meaning to the marks. Letter, shape and number formation will be supported by the children being encouraged to use different tools for mark making.

In Little Adventurers and Little Pioneers meal time are a social time for the children to gain awareness of healthy eating and developing their skills with table manners. We can provide breakfast, a cooked lunch and tea at a small cost or packed lunches can be provided by parents. We encourage that a balanced healthy lunch is supplied, therefore if your child is attending an all day session we recommend that at least one cooked meal is provided by us. During the morning children have a forty minute rolling snack time so they can freely help themselves to a snack when they are ready, please see the more info tab for our main menu.

We have a garden area that is freely accessible for the children so they can fully take advance of an indoor and outdoor learning environment.

Children from the age of three also get the option of joining swimming, please see more info tab for more details.

Universal government Funding is available for all 3 and 4 year old children the term after their 3rd Birthday. It entitles all children to 15 hours free care per week during term time or 11 hours “Stretched” funding over 51 weeks of the year. We also offer 30 hours extended government funding and 2 year funding for families that meet the criteria, however, 30 hours extended funding is limited. For more details see the Centre Manager about individual cases or read more in the 'More info' section.

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