The Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015 places a duty on the early years providers "to have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism" this is know as The Prevent Duty.

In order for childcare providers to fulfil the Prevent Duty, it is essential that staff are able to identify children who could be vulnerable to radicalisation and have the knowledge and understanding of what to do when they are identified.

The statutory guidance makes clear that childcare providers are expected to assess risk of children being drawn into terrorism or extremist ideas being able to demonstrate a general understanding of the risks in this area and react in an appropriate way. Provider also need to be mindful of the increased risk of online radicalisation as organisations such as ISIL use social media to radicalise children and young people.

Channel programme offers support at an early stage to people who have been identified as being vulnerable to be drawn into terrorism.

All staff have completed online training to help them develop a better understanding 

British Values

​Prevent Duty 

​​​​​Little Treasures

Childcare Centre

​The fundamental British Values are implicitly embedded in the Early Years Foundation Stage 2017 so are therefore used every day to help the children develop an understanding of what they are.


We encourage the children to make their own choices, to take turns and share, use their voice to share opinions and thoughts for example giving ideas for what the role play area this could be by putting up their hand.

Rule of Law:

We ensure children understand their own and others behaviour as well as the consequence learning right from wrong. We encourage the children to help create rules within the room and that they apply to everyone.

Individual liberty:

​We encourage children to explore and take risks to help build their self esteem and increase confidence in themselves. We provide opportunities to explore their feelings and gain an understanding that everyone is allowed to have different opinions.

Mutual respect and tolerance:

Children are given the opportunity to explore all cultures and religions to gain an understanding about similarities and differences between themselves and others. The children participate in activities to help them learn how to challenge stereotyping against others.